DEFG and Questline Launch New Solar Power Educational Resources for Energy Utilities

Communication and research assets align with key phases along the solar power customer journey

Columbus, Ohio – 05 February 2019 – Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC and Questline, Inc. have jointly announced the launch of Pathfinder: Solar IQ, an innovative package of research and educational information, focused exclusively on solar power, for energy utilities and their customers.

“In today’s environment, consumer and community interest in solar power is greater than ever,” stated Jamie Wimberly, CEO of DEFG. “Our research revealed there are many challenges and unknowns for customers who are considering incorporating solar power into their homes and communities. Energy utilities can play an important role as a proactive, trusted resource for those customers.”

DEFG’s industry-leading research features four distinct tracks: Customer Insights, Trend Analysis and Market Developments, Case Studies and Best Practices, and Regulatory and Risk.

In partnership, Questline is bringing DEFG’s research on the Solar Power Customer Journey to life via engaging and educational content.

Customers want to feel confident in their selection of what is right for their home and community. … John Keep, Questline VP of Technology and Channel Operations

“Customers want to feel confident in their selection of what is right for their home and community. Yet they often aren’t fully aware of the technological advancements in solar, the benefits and monthly billing impact, or when and why to engage with their utility. We’re providing energy utilities with credible, current educational resources to help customers understand how to make smart, informed decisions along key phases in their solar power journey,” said John Keep, Vice President of Technology and Channel Operations at Questline.

Key phases of the solar power journey addressed by the new educational assets include:

-Awareness; -Discovery; -Contracting;

-Installation; -Billing; -Maintenance

Keep described the educational assets as an online collection of DEFG research, customer-facing articles, infographics, videos, checklists, calculators, FAQs and tips. Energy utilities have the option to select Research Only, Content Only or a combination of both. Utilities will be able to share the information with their customers across all channels of communication, including websites, social media, newsletters, email and bill inserts.

DEFG and Questline utilized an advisory panel of industry leaders as part of the product development to provide feedback and energy utility perspective.

“We understand that energy utilities may be perceived as resistant to solar and may not have the team of internal resources necessary to produce these types of information themselves. But, their insight is critical to the success of the program,” added Wimberly.

About Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC:

DEFG is a management consulting firm specializing in all aspects of customer strategy and experience in the utility sector. We believe that customers are the future of energy. Using cutting-edge research, we partner with clients to improve the customer relationship — developing robust customer engagement strategies as well as enhanced offerings and program design. We offer guidance on marketing and communications, customer service, operational efficiencies and regulatory policies. Since 2003, DEFG has helped clients create customer value in a commodity marketplace. DEFG serves as a catalyst for change, helping clients better connect with customers.

About Questline:

Questline is the innovative digital communications agency dedicated solely to the energy utility industry. We are strategists, creators and problem-solvers for over 480 energy utilities across all 50 states. Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer experience through communications that engage, educate and inspire action. Visit

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