Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Strategy

Facilitating customer choice

Consumer protection and service rule amendments must be updated to better support new services, such as prepaid, enabled by advanced technologies. Unless regulations move quickly into the 21st century, new service innovations may be delayed indefinitely. DEFG provides regulatory support and expert testimony centered on market structures, rules and practices, pricing and tariff structures, consumer protection and other key aspects of the regulatory process that impact customers. DEFG is focused on increasing the ability of customers in all jurisdictions to choose the services they prefer.

Our work

  • Prepay Energy Filings. DEFG focuses on energy consumers and the innovative technologies, products and solutions driving industry changes. These include smart grid-enabled prepaid energy, which is being considered by commissions nationwide as an innovative bill payment and energy-management option. With extensive stakeholder discussions and research, we are well-positioned to share critical facts around both the benefits and challenges of the offering. Through our filings, we present a line of sight to customers using less energy and saving money, as well as informed support for increased flexibility, convenience and control. Read More >
  • Series of Regulatory Choices. Our white paper series explores the federal, state and local regulatory decisions that expand the choices available to energy consumers as they construct and inhabit buildings, purchase and maintain energy-consuming devices, purchase energy and manage their consumption of energy. Greater choice increases efficiency. Read More >
  • Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS). This benchmarking tool ranks the restructured retail electric markets with respect to market structures, performance, public policies and business practices. ABACCUS identifies best practices and facilitates discussions among stakeholders and policymakers. Read More >