Offering & Program Design

Offering & Program Design

Optimizing your portfolio

Traditional energy efficiency and demand response measures portfolios are no longer enough to meet the escalating requirements of the utility industry. We are an industry leader in improving demand side portfolio performance by leveraging new energy-management technologies, transactions and processes to optimize energy savings and customer satisfaction.

Our work

  • Demand and Energy Technology (DETech) Research Consortium. DETech is an independent utility research group dedicated to investigating win-win policies, program designs, marketing campaigns and innovative solutions to promote demand response, distributed and renewable resources, energy efficiency and revenue-producing premium products and services. Founded in 2006, DETech has ten utility members and a five-member Vendor Advisory Council. Read More >
  • Integrated Demand Offerings (IDOs). As different demand efforts continue to converge into IDOs, increased deployment efficiency and an improved customer experience become paramount. Integration of these efforts—as well as the introduction of behavioral offerings—result in unique management, communication and analysis challenges for utilities that previously worked independently. Our ongoing research takes a strategic, high-level look at the market position, delivery, communications and analytic challenges of IDO solutions. Read More >
  • Prepay Energy Working Group. Created in 2010 and managed by DEFG, this group has extensively researched both the opportunities and challenges presented by voluntary prepaid service offerings, with a focus on regulatory matters, consumer and market research, the operational requirements and the potential for an energy conservation impact. Read More >