Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

Reaching your customers

In our increasingly customer-focused industry, better communications and channel strategies will be critical to better engage customers. EcoAlign, our fully integrated marketing agency, produces critical customer and segmentation research and marketing support and communication strategies based on that research—closing the “green gap” between consumers’ stated intentions and their actual purchasing behavior.

Our work

  • Marketing & Communications. DEFG devoted to aligning corporate and consumer behavior with the future of energy and environment. Our marketing and communications strategies deliver results and help clients navigate the transformation of the energy space.
  • Communicating Smart-Grid Goals and Benefits: Lessons Learned and Planning. This DETech research initiative helps move utilities beyond their focus on deployment and integration of the advanced metering infrastructure. By studying lessons learned from past smart-grid communications efforts, the initiative establishes a framework for ongoing measurement and assessment of the effectiveness of smart-grid communications efforts. Read More >
  • Customer Strategy and Communications for Dynamic Pricing. This DETech research initiative is designed to investigate the customer experience with dynamic pricing and the best practices for dynamic pricing customer communications. The goal is to enhance the customer strategy and communications efforts by learning about dynamic pricing in other industries and applying the lessons learned from other initiatives.
  • EcoPinion Consumer Survey Reports. Our EcoPinion surveys target 1,000 online consumers across the nation to provide a macro-level assessment of consumer awareness, values, drivers and behavior relating to energy and environment. Report topics include prepay energy as a pathway to customer satisfaction, consumer perceptions of green technologies, the effectiveness of smart grid communications and consumer feelings regarding climate change. Read More >