Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

Reaching your customers

In our increasingly customer-focused industry, better communications and channel strategies will be critical to better engage customers. We produce critical customer and segmentation research and provide marketing support and communication strategies based on that research.

Our work

  • Marketing & Communications. DEFG is devoted to aligning corporate and consumer behavior with the future of energy. Our marketing and communications strategies deliver results and help clients navigate the transformation of the energy space from its commodity focus to a consumer service focus.
  • Pathfinder: Solar IQ. Questline and DEFG have partnered to offer Solar IQ, an innovative package of research and educational information for energy utilities and their customers. Solar IQ is exclusively focused on solar power. While energy utilities may be perceived as resistant to solar, they may not have the internal resources need to produce essential information for their customers. Questline and DEFG bring the solar customer journey to life via engaging and educational content. Research features customer insights, trend analysis and market developments, case studies and best practices, and regulatory and risk. Energy utilities may select research only, the content only, or a combination of the two. Utilities share information with customers across all channels: websites, social media, newsletters, email and bill inserts.  Press release.  Download.
  • Consumer Survey Reports. Our consumer surveys target 1,000 households across the nation to provide a macro-level assessment of consumer awareness, values, drivers and behaviors relating to energy and utilities. Report topics include the “Annual State of the Customer in the Utility Sector,” low income customers and utility bill affordability, and prepay energy as a pathway to increased consumer satisfaction. Read More >
  • Communicating Smart-Grid Goals and Benefits: Lessons Learned and Planning. This DETech research initiative helps move utilities beyond their focus on deployment and integration of the advanced metering infrastructure. By studying lessons learned from past smart-grid communications efforts, the initiative establishes a framework for ongoing measurement and assessment of the effectiveness of smart-grid communications efforts. Read More >