Customer Strategy

Customer Service

Unlocking value

We find that many companies struggle with the development of a customer strategy. By working with executives to understand each utility’s unique needs, we identify and develop opportunities for enhanced customer engagement. Beyond reducing regulatory risk, a smart customer strategy adds value for shareholders and the entire enterprise.

Our work

  • Vision 2020. Working with senior executives from utilities and vendors, we are defining a vision for day-to-day customer interactions and transactions with the utility, customers and third-party service providers, illustrating the customer experience in 2020. Our analysis will show the energy market focused more on the increasing intersection between information and tools enabled by smart grid and everyday decisions. Read More >
  • “Day In the Life Of” Video (DILO). Portraying the projected customer experience in 2015 through six documentary-style vignettes, DILO visualizes the smart grid and various customer-utility interactions. Recognized with four Telly Awards, DILO has been a valuable tool for utilities across North America, engaging stakeholders in discussions around critical planning for financial, regulatory, technology and change-management challenges. Read More >
  • Alternative Customer Metrics. We developed an alternate set of customer satisfaction metrics to test the proposition that new measurements are necessary to accurately reflect the performance of customer service operations, to better align customer preferences with utility operations, and to support a more engaged utility-customer relationship in a technologically advanced world. Read More >.