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Published Articles / June, 2012

A Clarion Call for Customers to be Valued as Resources

Written by: Jamie WImberly

Jamie Wimberly explains why utilities face a threat, but have an opportunity at this moment to build new relationships with customers. “Energy transactions .. such as prepay energy offerings … accomplish […]

Published Articles / April, 2014

Customer First: Is the current regulatory compact in anyone’s best interests?

Written by: Charles Dickerson, Darren Brady, and Jamie Wimberly

Customers are coming to the forefront in the utility industry, driven by technology and a greater desire to be in more control of areas that affect their daily lives. Changing […]

Published Articles / June, 2012

Green Ovations: Innovations in Green Technologies

Written by: Cindy Boland O’Dwyer

Prepay electricity correlates with consumer control and management