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Published Articles / July, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

Written by: Daniel Gabaldon, Matthew Guarini and Jamie Wimberly

Growing Impacts of Residential Solar on Utility Customer Service The continued growth of photovoltaic rooftop solar has resulted in debates across the US concerning utility ratemaking reforms, the extent of […]

Published Articles / April, 2014

Customer First: Is the current regulatory compact in anyone’s best interests?

Written by: Charles Dickerson, Darren Brady, and Jamie Wimberly

Customers are coming to the forefront in the utility industry, driven by technology and a greater desire to be in more control of areas that affect their daily lives. Changing […]

Published Articles / June, 2012

A Clarion Call for Customers to be Valued as Resources

Written by: Jamie WImberly

Jamie Wimberly explains why utilities face a threat, but have an opportunity at this moment to build new relationships with customers. “Energy transactions .. such as prepay energy offerings … accomplish […]