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EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys)

Consumer surveys examine consumer perceptions and…

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Regulatory Choice (White Papers)

Policy decisions that expand the choices and oppor…

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Consumer Choice (ABACCUS)

Measuring the performance of retail energy markets…

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Low Income Community Solar

Integrating solar projects with utility customer s…

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Reports / July, 2019

The Looming Challenge of Solar Waste

Written by: Karen Lefkowitz

Solar customers, particularly early adopters, want confidence that the disposal of solar panels will adhere to a philosophy of reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, there isn’t a capability in the […]

Low Income Community Solar / February, 2019

Low Income Consumer Solar Working Group Final Report

A year-long effort by the Low Income Consumer Solar (LICS) Working Group culminated in the public release of a final report and roadmap. A desirable attribute of community or shared […]

Low Income Community Solar / February, 2019

LICS Final Presentations – document 13

All working group documents and recordings are available to the public, February 2019. The October 30, 2018 webcast provided a project summary with presentations by: Lorraine Akiba, Tom Figel, Scott […]