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EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys)

Consumer surveys examine consumer perceptions and…

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Policy decisions that expand the choices and oppor…

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Measuring the performance of retail energy markets…

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Low Income Community Solar

Integrating solar projects with utility customer s…

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EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys) / January, 2020

Potential Fault Lines Under the Utility’s Customer Strategy

The Annual State of the Customer Survey tests the most basic assumptions underpinning the customer strategy of energy utilities. We found that most customers believe utilities provide good customer service. […]

EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys) / Consumer Survey No. 39 / December, 2019

How Best to Serve Low Income Customers in the Utility Sector – The Need For a Strategy

Written by: Nat Treadway

DEFG’s Consumer Survey Report, “How Best to Serve Low Income Customers in the Utility Sector” The Need For a Strategy,” is available to download. This year’s survey clearly points to […]

Reports / July, 2019

The Looming Challenge of Solar Waste

Written by: Karen Lefkowitz

Solar customers, particularly early adopters, want confidence that the disposal of solar panels will adhere to a philosophy of reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, there isn’t a capability in the […]