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EcoPinion / EcoPinion No. 29 / February, 2017

Puppies to Hunting Dogs: Leveraging Utility Customer Capital for Return on Customer

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

The “Annual State of the Customer Survey in the Utility Sector” is a survey of 1,000 Americans conducted late last year. The annual survey is conducted in collaboration with the […]

Reports / February, 2017

Winners of NYU Student Competition for “Millennial Vision of the Future Utility”

DEFG has announced the winners of a student competition at the Gallatin School of New York University (NYU) to develop and present the “Millennial Vision of the Future Utility.” The […]

EcoPinion / EcoPinion No. 28 / January, 2017

Prepay Energy: Past the Tipping Point and Scaling Up for Success

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

EcoPinion Consumer Survey Report No. 28 is focused on questions relating to prepaid energy service. The charts display statistically-valid data from a sample of households in the U.S. Prepay energy […]