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Published Articles / Public Utilities Fortnightly, Volume 154, No. 7 / July, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

Written by: Daniel Gabaldon, Matthew Guarini and Jamie Wimberly

Growing Impacts of Residential Solar on Utility Customer Service The continued growth of photovoltaic rooftop solar has resulted in debates across the US concerning utility ratemaking reforms, the extent of […]


EcoPinion / EcoPinion No. 25 / June, 2016

Prepay for Everyone: Prepay Energy and Higher Income Consumers

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

EcoPinion 25 is intended to gauge the interest and preferences of higher-income consumers in a voluntary prepay energy option offered by their local utility. The consumer survey indicated that more affluent Americans–those […]


Reports / May, 2016

Alternative Customer Metrics in the Utility Sector

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

The Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) has formed a working group comprised of nine (9) companies serving over twenty (20) million utility customers to explore alternative customer metrics. The UCRC […]