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EcoPinion / EcoPinion No. 25 / June, 2016

Prepay for Everyone: Prepay Energy and Higher Income Consumers

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

EcoPinion 25 is intended to gauge the interest and preferences of higher-income consumers in a voluntary prepay energy option offered by their local utility. The consumer survey indicated that more affluent Americans–those […]


Reports / May, 2016

Alternative Customer Metrics in the Utility Sector

Written by: Jamie Wimberly

The Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) has formed a working group comprised of nine (9) companies serving over twenty (20) million utility customers to explore alternative customer metrics. The UCRC […]


Reports / February, 2016

Costs and Benefits of Prepaid Energy Services

Written by: Cindy O’Dwyer

Analyzing the costs and benefits of prepaid energy services