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EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys)

Consumer surveys examine the “green gap” and c…

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Policy options that expand the choices available t…

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Consumer Choice (ABACCUS)

A scorecard for competitive retail electricity mar…

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Low Income Community Solar

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EcoPinion (Consumer Surveys) / January, 2019

Utility Customer Service at a Crossroads

DEFG’s “Annual State of the Customer in the Utility Sector Survey” reveals strengths and weaknesses in the utility sector’s customer service model. Probably the biggest challenge facing customer service executives […]

Reports / October, 2018

2018 Regulator Survey on Customer Service Metrics

Written by: Jamie Wimberly and Nat Treadway

A Project of the Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) An online survey conducted in September received input from state regulatory commissioners and their senior staff members. The survey addressed utility […]

Low Income Community Solar / October, 2018

LICS Working Group Reports

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