DEFG’s “Annual State of the Customer in the Utility Sector Survey” reveals strengths and weaknesses in the utility sector’s customer service model.

Probably the biggest challenge facing customer service executives is a generational one, with the preferences and needs of younger Americans being very different than the traditional service model in the utility sector. The traditional model of utility customer service is great for senior citizens, not so great if you are in your 20s trying to deal with the utility. — Jamie Wimberly, DEFG, CEO

DEFG worked with the members of the Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) to survey over 1,000 consumers. The national survey examined trends in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer preferences related to various facets of customer service in the utility sector. The headline finding points to the tension between generally high customer satisfaction in the utility sector but growing signs that segments of customers are seeking a different level of customer service from their utility.

The UCRC is a blue-ribbon panel of utility executives focused on customer strategy and operations.


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