DEFG has released EcoPinion Consumer Survey Report No. 33, “The Perfect Match between Millennials and Prepay Energy.” The survey was conducted in May 2018 in cooperation with the members of the Prepay Energy Working Group (PEWG).

This survey was intended to gauge the interests and preferences of younger Americans (18-34 years old). We asked about interest in a voluntary prepay energy option offered by their local utility. The survey demonstrates that Millennial Americans love prepay in all forms; they are two times more likely than the general population to try prepay energy. Respondents pointed to the convenience and ease of use of prepay energy.

Some consumer advocates state that prepay energy is a second-class service that targets low-income Americans. DEFG research indicates that many customer segments would like additional service options, and Millennials are particularly interested in a prepay option that includes incremental payments, quick and easy payment, mobile transactions, and pay-as-you-go to stay out of debt. The consumer survey also shows that if a connection is made between prepay and saving energy (and protecting the environment), that younger Americans would love prepay energy even more.

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