DEFG’s Consumer Survey Report No. 34 is now available to the public. “The Paradox of Poverty and Prosperity in a Growing Economy: The Increasing Energy Burden Faced by Low Income Customers in the Utility Sector” addressed a paradox. There is prosperity in a robust American economy; however, an increasing number of low-income consumers report have difficulty paying utility bills.

The September 2018 survey of low-income customers across the United States includes households with income under $50,000. In this survey, 47% of low income respondents indicated problems paying their utility bills either “frequently” (11%) or “sometimes” (36%). The total — 47% — is higher than in 2017 (44%) and 2016 (37%).

Something is clearly going on — impacting millions of Americans — that is not evident in the newspaper headlines about the overall strength of the economy.

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