The “2015 State of the Customer in the Utility Sector” examines trends in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer preferences related to various facets of customer service in the utility sector. The title highlights the tension between generally high customer satisfaction and equally high customer interest in possibly choosing a different electricity supplier if given the choice.

DEFG worked with the members of the Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) in November 2015 to survey over 1,000 consumers. The 24th EcoPinion consumer survey presents the respondents’ opinions.

On one hand, the utility sector is doing a good to great job in regard to customer satisfaction. Utility customer service rated very highly in our survey and compared favorably in every case against other local service providers such as telephone or cable. On the other hand, when consumers were asked about their interest in residential solar, almost half of the respondents were extremely interested. Even more directly, when asked if they would choose another electricity provider than their local utility if given the choice, one in five respondents said they would exit. The upshot is that any given utility could be in the first quartile of customer satisfaction rankings, and yet still lose customers over time.  Jamie Wimberly, CEO, DEFG

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