DEFG partnered with a diverse group of students at New York University (NYU) to create strategies for marketing prepaid energy to the Millennial Generation of consumers. The project took place in a class offered within the Gallatin School, a small, experimental college within NYU that attracts students who think “outside the box” and pursue an inter-disciplinary approach to their education. Professor Peter Rajsingh and DEFG crafted a challenge for the NYU students: develop a targeted marketing approach to promote the benefits of prepaid energy service to the Millennial Generation.

In June 2013, the teams presented their campaigns via webcast to the industry professionals who are active in DEFG’s Prepay Energy Working Group. The representatives from energy utilities, consumer advocate groups, government and metering and software vendors, all expressed excitement with the students’ fresh thinking.

The download provides a sample of the students’ work with a few slides from each of the four finalist teams.

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