A Project of the Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC)

An online survey conducted in September received input from state regulatory commissioners and their senior staff members. The survey addressed utility customer metrics, service-level metrics, and operational metrics. There were more than two dozen questions on technical metrics topics, regulatory policies, and regulatory decision making.

Respondents from 20 states indicated they are more likely to penalize utilities for low customer satisfaction and customer complaints than to reward utilities for excellence in customer service. This challenges the assumption that higher levels of customer satisfaction may lead to improved regulatory outcomes.

Regulators, utilities, and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on ways to become more customer-centric. DEFG believes a case can be made for alternative customer metrics including customer effort score and net promoter score.

The respondents were open to customer-focused investments and allowing utilities to earn for excellence in customer service. DEFG believes that is the right way to go.

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