Commercial and industrial customer choice is thriving and growing in many U.S. states and Canadian provinces because well-structured retail electric markets foster the introduction of new products and services that are not available in traditional monopoly areas. The ABACCUS report scorecard helps policymakers across the U.S. understand how their decisions have helped or hindered the development of competitive retail electricity markets. The ABACCUS report is sponsored by retail suppliers and the work is reviewed by an Advisory Board of regulatory commissioners and energy executives.

The ABACCUS Executive Summary is a high-level, presentation-style summary of the full report.

The scorecard identifies Texas as the competitive retail market leader for the fifth consecutive year. New York also is cited for policies that have created an excellent competitive market. Illinois and Pennsylvania are highlighted as having made the most substantial progress with their competitive markets since the last year’s ABACCUS report. In addition, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Canadian province of Alberta are acknowledged for their policies that foster choice for residential electricity customers. These markets have vibrant markets with numerous retail energy suppliers and numerous service choices for customers of all sizes.

Innovation is taking off

Residential consumers are benefitting from customer choice in several areas and are poised to reap additional benefits as new technology is implemented. New smart grid infrastructure investments – advanced meters, communications and control devices, and in-home usage displays – allow entrepreneurial retail energy suppliers to develop innovative pricing and service choices. Consumers now have more choices, more information and better ways to control their energy bills and increase the value of electric service in their lives. In Texas, there are twice as many choices for residential consumers as there were two years ago, and in New York, the number of different offers is up more than 40% in one year.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary (separate)
  • Introduction
  • Commercial and Industrial Consumer Findings
  • Residential Consumer Findings
  • What’s New in Policy?
  • Background on Key Policy Issues
  • What’s New in Innovation?
  • Best Practices and Recommendations
  • Appendix A: ABACCUS Advisory Board
  • Appendix B: Quotes and Testimonials
  • Appendix C: ABACCUS Sponsors
  • Appendix D: ABACCUS Goals and Process
  • Appendix E: Electricity Restructuring Terminology
  • Appendix F: Survey of U.S. States and Canadian Provinces
  • Appendix G: ABACCUS Methodology
  • Appendix H: EcoPinion No. 11 Consumer Survey: “Resurgence for Retail Electricity Choice and Competition

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