Utility Customer Research Consortium

The Utility Customer Research Consortium (UCRC) is a blue ribbon panel of senior executives working together to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation in customer service and customer care. The UCRC members represent large energy utilities and leading vendors from across North America.

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The UCRC emphasizes peer-to-peer interaction and information sharing. The members meet twice each year to consider customer-facing challenges and opportunities and to plan the UCRC research agenda. In addition, there are regular virtual interactions through spotlight calls which examine emerging customer-facing issues and solutions. Finally, the UCRC is committed to working with the members to conduct collaborative research and consumer surveys, and to develop other content to enrich the dialogue among members and to provide thought leadership in the utility sector.

The UCRC grew out of the Customer Care Research Consortium, which DEFG founded and managed from 2003–2011. As such, members have access to research findings and expertise developed over the years.

Vision 2020

A major UCRC initiative is “Vision 2020,” which has resulted in a high-quality video. Vision 2020 creates a coherent vision of daily customer interactions and transactions among utilities and customers that will occur five years from now. The vision of a residential customer’s day-to-day experiences in 2020 includes their future energy services, moving away from a strictly commodity model and towards one focused on the intersection of information and tools enabled by smart grid. For more information about Vision 2020, please contact us.


Jamie Wimberly, CEO, jwimberly@defgllc.com, 202-255-2860.

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