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Low Income Energy Issues Forum

The Low Income Energy Issues Forum (LIEIF) is comprised of utility directors and program administrators, energy service providers, state regulatory commissioners and staff, energy assistance administrators, social service providers, consumer advocates, creative and marketing firms, and product and software vendors.

The Forum proposes innovative and integrated policies and approaches that help close the widening gap between what vulnerable energy consumers can pay and their current utility bills.

Each year, the Forum examines important issues, conducts webinars, prepares white papers and conducts two interactive workshops.

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The Forum is managing six tracks of work:

  • Track 1: Outreach and Education
  • Track 2: Customer Research
  • Track 3: Low Income Program Database
  • Track 4: Customer Engagement
  • Track 5: Policy and Regulatory Issues
  • Track 6: Program Design

For each deliverable in each track of work, DEFG identifies experts with different perspectives and experiences. They identify and analyze the key challenges and propose a path forward that includes lessons learned and new models of collaboration. White papers are presented for discussion via webcasts. Forum participants are strongly encouraged to provide verbal and written input which is incorporated into the final product. The deliverables are widely distributed to the public at no charge.


Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, ntreadway@defgllc.com, 713-729-6244.

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