Demand and Energy Technology
Research Consortium

Since 2005, the DETech Research Consortium has served as an independent source for utility research dedicated to the investigation of “win-win” policies and innovative solutions. DEFG partners with utilities to investigate and promote energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources and revenue-producing premium products and services. DETech focuses on solutions at the intersection of customer service, utility operations and regulation. Research activities support the development of consumer-focused smart grid applications and technologies.

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DETech’s members serve millions of customers across North America. The consortium provides the following benefits:

  • Conduct collaborative research on strategic issues to support utility planning and smart grid development
  • Focus on solutions that drive EE, DR and DER product innovation, enhance program efficiency and effectiveness, and improve the customer experience
  • Analyze new technology trends and the impact on polices and demand programs
  • Promote the development and sharing of best practices among its members

DETech research contributes to an enhanced customer experience and increased utility revenues and earnings as consumers seek greater value from utility services and products. DETech’s success is determined through the value it delivers to its member utilities and their ability to directly apply the research and solutions. The members have virtual interactions through regular “spotlight” calls to investigate emerging technologies, programs and solutions.

Recent research topics:
  • Field testing controllable plug load strips
  • Building a future Integrated Demand Offering (IDO)
  • EE program optimization in a carbon-constrained world
  • Behavioral efficiency and its impact on energy conservation
  • Improving customer participation through innovative marketing approaches
  • Impact of new & innovative providers entering the energy management market
  • Smart grid data management and the development of new customer offerings
  • Interactions among ISO and utility DR programs

Jamie Wimberly, CEO,, 202-255-2860.

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